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“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

— Pericles

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It is a sad reality that voter participation across the United States remains very low. For example, according to, only 60% of registered voters voted in the 2016 election. This means that about 100 million registered voters (or more) did not vote. Compared to democracies around the world, this statistic represents a very low voter participation. Furthermore, according to, only 40% of eligible voters vote in mid-term elections that are closer to home and in many ways may affect their quality of life even more!

Vote! Heart of America’s primary goal is to work towards remedying this problem through information. This is why we have gathered these helpful links so they can help point individual voters or voters-to-be towards any and all information they need to become registered to vote in their state of residence.

VHoA encourages all voters and voters-to-be to always check the facts!

Be it statistics, percentages, opinions, or the famous “half-truth” or “somewhat true” comments, claims, or assertions, it is for our mutual benefit we recommend using a fact-checker like Snopes or another trusted method of your choice to make sure you hold on to truth and discard that which is false or half false. We can only stand up and speak openly in an open society. This is our protection and our challenge. A cautionary quote is relevant here: “Don’t believe everything you think.” Go further than your opinion. Go further so you may come to realize you do not know everything. Surprise yourself! official logo

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For information specific to your county of residence, VHoA recommends looking up your county’s website or contacting your county registrar!